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Marietta Chiropractor for Healthy Families

Your family deserves to be as healthy and happy as possible. At Perfect by Design Chiropractic, we are dedicated to getting you on the path to wellness and helping you stay there.

Get to know Dr. Dawn ThomasTake Control and Reclaim Your Hope at Perfect by Design

Marietta Chiropractor Dr. Dawn Thomas knows what it’s like to feel helpless and defeated. At an early age, Dr. Dawn’s daughter began showing signs of neurodevelopmental delays. Being a nurse, Dr. Dawn and her husband found the best developmental pediatrician in Ohio and began searching for answers. Her daughter went through many assessments, but the doctors could never pinpoint a diagnosis. They tried multiple therapies, dietary interventions and saw numerous specialists before discovering chiropractic care.

It was the incredible results of the chiropractic adjustments that stirred up something in Dr. Dawn and her husband. Chiropractic had given them their daughter back and they couldn’t help but want to share this with parents everywhere! This led the Thomas Family to Georgia so that Dr. Dawn could pursue a degree in chiropractic and learn the science behind the “why” and “how” this worked. In 2018, she founded Perfect by Design in hope to save families from these feelings of defeat and helplessness. Dr. Dawn desires to support families of all walks of life through chiropractic.

Our Mission Statement

To create a better tomorrow by supporting the next generation to fully express the perfection within.